Saturday, April 23, 2011

One of the first...

I was working as the report editor, I only had a handful of analysts submitting reports. It was my first time working with my old flight in about a month or so, it was good to work with them again. I was having a good time and the analysts were making very few mistakes. Next to me was A1C D and 2 seats down was A1C G between the two was A1C L. D and I were making many 'mom jokes' and 'that's what she said jokes', it was a great time. It is very rare for me to joke with airmen this much at work, but for some reason I was in a really good mood, so I was in rare form!

G submitted a report that was completely jacked up. I called him over and told him to tell me what was wrong with it. He pointed out 2 or 3 things, but missed a BIG mistake. I said, "Good job on those, now how about the elephant in the report, What the hell is that? I pointed to the mistake as I said this. He started responding, "Well I-I-I thought that it might be correct." My smart ass comment, "Well your first mistake was typing it, your second mistake was thinking that you were correct. Now read the report guide and fix it then resubmit it, if it is still wrong when I get it back Im deleting it and you'll have to start from scratch." He tried to continue, "Well I-I-I.." I interrupted, "It is wrong, now fix it and quick screwing up! Get back to your chair and get to work."

He walked away and D turned to me and said, "Wow, Sgt Mac, that was just mean" I asked if she heard his soul crush as I was talking to him. She agreed that she heard it crush. I had to quickly correct her, "Uhh, no you didn't hear it crush, airmen have no soul, you don't get those until you are a sgt. Now get back to work." A1C L told G that it was going to be alright as long as he fixed it. L then informed us all about a time when she almost cried from something I said after she submitted a jacked up report to me. She said that she didn't actually cry but she cried on the inside.

After G fixed the report and resubmitted it I called him over. I showed him why the second one was correct and asked if he had questions about why what he submitted before was wrong. He assured me that he had no questions. I told him to continue writing correct reports and he wouldn't be scolded anymore.

I may be a mean SOB, but Im the same mean SOB to everyone!


familyofmgms said... I recall it was not that long ago that you were still an airman, and now that you've been a Sgt for LESS THAN A YEAR you are trying to be all badass. But that's just my perception, I could be WAY OFF. :) Ball and chain over and out.

Marshall McIntyre said...

You are correct it was less than a year ago that I was an airman. However, as an airman I knew that I had no soul...