Monday, April 18, 2011

I tried...

I tried do something nice for Mary. I scheduled for an ajuma to come to the apartment to clean it before she got home. That way she would come home to a clean home. I called my realtor Kenny and asked him if he could help me out. He said, "Sure thing Marshall, I get ajuma for you." I asked if I had to be home when she came or if she could come by while I was gone. He told me that she could come while I was at work, and that it shouldn't be an issue. I asked if she could come Monday, then I didn't have to worry about making any messes. Sunday evening I picked up some clutter and made sure that all of the laundry was done (I forgot to fold the last load).

My plan was to leave work around 3 and get on the bus at 5 to head up to the airport. When I got to the airport I was going to figure out how to get to the hotel and check-in then head back to the airport to wait for the family. I got an e-mail at about 2:30 from Kenny, it read: "Marshall, ajuma can't make it today............ maybe she come tomorrow to clean?" I called him and explained that if she could get it cleaned by 11am (about when we should be back to the apartment) that would be fine. He said that he would call me back. I didn't leave work until about 3:15, and got home around 3:30. I would have to leave by 4:30 to get to the base and catch the bus. I called Kenny when I got home and he said that the ajuma couldn't finish it by 11am, and that he was having trouble finding someone that could. I told him not to worry about it and that I would clean it (insert freak out).

I quickly cranked some music and grabbed the simple green and a rag. I started in the kitchen: I wiped down the stove, counter, water cooler, washed dishes, wiped down the sink and cleaned the sink drain like never before (F-ing gross!). Then to the bathroom, sink then toilet then shower/tub (Sorry Mary I didn't do the floor). Afterwards I had to do the other bathroom, there was no shower/tub in that one so it didn't take as long. Finally it was time for the floors. The floors are difficult here because there is so much dust. I didn't want to fumble with the broom and dustpan, so I just snagged the swiffer (Dear Swiffer Company, Thank you for making my life easier). I used the dry swiffer first (it took 2, or 3 I don't remember) and then the wet one. I only used one wet swiffer because I needed the floor dry so that I could finish getting everything ready. The house wasn't spotless, but it was good enough...

It was about 4:15, so I decided that I had time to shower. I took a quick shower and grabbed clothes for the morning, along with some baby formula, burp clothes, Mary's computer, and baby wipes. I set up Mary's anniversary gift (more to come on that after she opens it) and called a cab. While I was order the cab, I put on my shoes and zipped up my backpack. I got the trash bag and went outside.

While in the cab, I realized that I only had $4, this would be enough for a cab, but nothing else. Instead of getting the cab to the bus stop I got it to the BX, I went inside and grabbed a coke (I need my caffeine) and some pringles so that I could get cash back. I proceeded to the bus stop and there was the bus waiting for me (it was about 4:50 at this point).

I got on the bus and double checked to make sure that I had Mary's flight info and the info to check into the hotel. I realized that I forgot to get the number for the hotel shuttle bus, I triple checked my info and remembered that the website said to go to the information desk to get a pick-up, I hope it works.

I got to the airport, went to the information desk and she said that they don't have a contact number for my hotel... Uh oh... Wish me luck!

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adrienne_sakura said...

i give you props for trying. and not just leaving it a mess when your original plan failed. i'm sure in the end, she will be happy to be home and with her husband again. :)