Monday, April 18, 2011

What's for dinner?

I made it to the hotel, however on the ride back, the manager informed me that it wasn't a hotel but a guest house. I think they took small apartments and they just rent them. Im not sure, but that is my hypothesis. The man that drove me from the airport to the 'guest house' gave me his business card so that I could call him to get back to the airport to pick up the fam. According to his business card his name is 'Yong Gun'. He can't be serious...

I asked the Young Gun if there was anywhere to get dinner. He told me there were only Korean restaurants. I was alright with this because I love Korean food. I looked around the room and decided that it was good enough for a single night's stay. So, I decided to head down to the first floor of the building to look for food. I went to the first place that I saw, this might have been a bad idea. I walked it and it was as if these people had never seen a white person before. They spoke absolutely no English. Luckily there was a former Republic of Korean (ROK) Marine around. He spoke a little bit and helped me order. He asked me what I wanted, and I said, "Bulgogi, or Galbi". I should have specified what animal I wanted... He ordered for me. The waitress brought some kimchi, a radish soup of some sort, and the big bowl of meat and veggies for the food. It looked good. I wasn't sure what kind of meat it was, but it still looked good. After about 10 or 15 minutes of it cooking, the waitress brought over a bowl, I couldn't see what was in the bowl but I did see tongs and scissors. When she got to the table she used the tongs to grab the squid that was in the bowl. She then placed the squid in the bowl of cooking deliciousness. It was still moving, until she placed it in. After putting it in she cut the tentacles off. I decided that I didn't have a choice but to eat it. I grabbed my chopsticks and started chowing down. It was difficult to grab, but I made it happen. I ate a good portion of it, but couldn't finish it all (it was a portion for 2).

I thanked the woman, told her it was good and rubbed my belly while smiling, paid my bill and left. I wish I had looked around more before going in to eat there. However, this adds to the list of animals that I've consumed!

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