Sunday, October 24, 2010

Park and school

Today I went to drop off a few more things at the apartment and then went to lunch at a little Korean place near the apartment with a friend that is TDY here. The food was good, the sides were alright, I've had better sides. But the price was the best thing! For the two of us, with water to drink we only paid a total of 13,000 Won! Which is about $11.50! I think the price made up for the side dishes.

On the way from the apartment to the restaurant I got a picture of a little 'park'. There are a few exercise machines, benches, swings and a basketball hoop. I think Maddox will enjoy it!

I took this picture from the same spot as the last picture. This is The Castle. That is where Maddox is going to go to school. Awesome building isn't it? There is a huge slide on the other side of the building, I should have gotten a picture of it also.


Em said...

I love the garden! The school looks like a fun place!

Marshall McIntyre said...

That's no garden. Thats a farm! They have little farms like that all over here. Anywhere they can fit them in, they do.