Friday, October 29, 2010

Marshall G. McIntyre

I once asked my Grandpa who he was named after. I was curious since I was clearly named after him. He told me that he was named after his Father's friend. Im sure that there was more to the story, but that is what I remember. From what I was told, Mom and Dad either hadn't picked out a name or hadn't told anyone the name until I was born. They later called Grandma and Grandpa tell them that I was born and that they named me Marshall.

Growing up my brother's and I would spend Summers with our grandparents. I remember going into work with Grandpa and one of his business partners telling me that my name wasn't Marshall because that was Grandpa's name, and if we had the same name, people would get us confused.

Anytime I would talk to Grandma on the phone and she would pass me off to Grandpa, she always said, "Mac, its your name sake on the phone." I think when Grandpa was in the service he started going by Mac, turns out all of have gotten that one!

Grandpa was the first MGM, then he named his kids with the same initials. Then Dad named us (including a dog) with those initials, then I married Mary and she all of a sudden had those initials, then we named our kids (and a dog) with those initials.

I've gotten alot from Grandpa, and I love the man. I got word, right before going into work Friday morning (Korea time) that he would be having double bypass surgery Friday morning (Eastern time).

Prayers, happy thoughts, good deeds, puppy kicking... etc. Whatever it is that you do to help people, do it and think of my Grandfather please.


JaclynJohnson said...

Spent the morning with your beautiful MGM's....and definitely said a prayer and thought about your Grandpa.

Marshall McIntyre said...

Grandpa ended up having quadruple bypass instead of double. He is doing better and recovering well!