Saturday, June 4, 2011

Instant caffeine

Koreans are very limited when it comes to counter space. Due to this fact, we had to start drinking instant coffee. I started thinking of when I have used instant coffee in my past:

Pudding, A scoop or 2 of instant coffee in some chocolate pudding goes a long way!

When working long shifts, watching pred or reaper, a scoop in the lip (like dip) works wonders!

I hadn't used it much prior to this trip, but I had used it. Now I use it atleast 4 or 5 times a day everyday (if not more). This afternoon while starting to get drowsy, I threw 1.5 scoops into my cup of coke, it is delicious! That is all...


familyofmgms said...

Blerg! <--- That's me puking just a little at the idea of instant coffee in my lip.

adrienne_sakura said...

i agree with mary. that is so gross. instant coffee in the pudding maybe. but in your lip like dip. yuck. but whatever floats your boat i guess. ;p