Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Im not sure if anyone still reads this blog, but I apologize for not updating it recently. I have been busy with the move to Korea, Mary and the kids moving out, then my Grandpa died, then the holidays, I went TDY for a few weeks, and Oh yeah, I've been taking classes online also! Busy, busy, buys.

For the past 2 weeks my mother has been in Korea visiting us. It has been great, we went to a big mall in Seoul, a folk village, e-mart, an open market near by, and all of my favorite restaurants. It was nice to have 2 weeks off from work also. However, I still had to go in a couple of times to take care of a few things.

One of the things that I have been working on is a grant. I will be officially graduating from the Community College of the Air Force the end of April. With the graduation, I was able to apply for a grant to continue my education. The grant needed to include the filled out application (including a signature from my Commander), any citations I have been awarded since enlisting, proof of current enrollment, and a narrative explaining what education meant to me and how my education would better the AF. When the Commander signed my application she asked if I needed a letter of recommendation also. While it wasn't a necessity it was something that would set me apart from everyone else, so I got one. I turned in the application but won't know if I got it until the graduation.

In January I was named the Tiger of the month. My squadron's mascot is a tiger, and the top performers for each group are called 'The Tiger of the Month'. It isn't like I was given a plague or anything, but my name was in a frame in a hallway for a few weeks. While on leave I found out that I was also named the Squadron technician of the quarter. Im not sure if I won for the group also... I think I do get a little desk decoration for winning that.

Mary's grandmother also took a turn for the worse and passed away about a day ago. She is going to fly home with the kids for the funeral this weekend and spend 2 weeks at home with her family. It sucks that Bootsie died, however, she is no longer suffering. When we told Maddox that Great Boo died, she asked if she was going to have a Heaven Party with Grandpa Mac (my grandfather) and Tipsy (my mother-in-law's dog that died). It was one of the cutest things she has ever said. We explained that Great Boo was sick, but now that she died she was no longer sick.

While Mary is gone, I plan on getting caught up (and maybe even ahead) on school work, doing some deep cleaning, and maybe getting rid of some baby stuff.

The kids continue to get bigger and bigger! Maddox is learning a good bit of Korean, and barely says hello or goodbye to anyone in English. Maverick has learned to clap and will start crawling any day now. However, Im probably going to miss it since Mary and the kids are leaving this weekend.

That is all for now, I will try to update this blog more often, however I can't make any promises.