Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love my job

Monday was my first day back at work after a few days of leave to help Mary and the kids get settled in the apartment at on base.

The day started off normal: gym, full water bottle, fresh cup of coffee, and me and my computer! After a few hours of work there was a slight twist. We ended up not having any work to do. The Airmen had to go do upgrade training stuff and the Sgts had to do admin stuff. Since I didn't have admin stuff, I finished up what I was working on and then went to help the Airmen. They were having trouble find answers to a few questions. I spent about 30 or 45 minutes explaining a few things to them. They thanked me and greatly appreciated my teachings. They asked me to help them more when I had the time.

I deeply enjoy my job and love to share my passion for it with others! The time I spent with them was energizing! I hope that I have more chances to share what I have learned!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Language Barrier

Something happened today. Im not going to say that it is funny due to a quote from SHIT MY DAD SAYS: "Don't start a story with This is SO funny. Be like saying My dick's huge before you screw. Even if you're right you sound like an asshole." I'll just say I've got a story for you!

Maddox and I were putting together a shoe rack this afternoon, Maverick was sleeping, Mary was cleaning, and Leslie was sitting on the couch playing cards and entertaining Maddox when she would lose interest in the shoe rack.

Then the doorbell rang, it was the guy that installed our internet a few days prior. I didn't know why he was here, but he said something about installing permanent internet. After about 10 or 15 minutes of work he said that he would be leaving. I asked him, "What did you do?" His response, "I add free porn." I kind of got excited, looked at Leslie, looked back at the guy and then he said it again, "Free porn." My response, "Porn, like on the TV? Is it locked so that my daughter wont see it?" He laughed and said, "porrrrnnn" then held his hand up to his ear like a phone.

So we either have free phone service or some kinky adult TV stations... I haven't checked yet.