Sunday, July 25, 2010


Im trying to post more often I promise!

Since we are moving, we have been getting rid of stuff. Last week my parents took the washer and dryer. So now we have to go to the laundromat to clean our clothes. Lucky for me, the laundromat is next to a Chinese restaurant! I haven't used a laundromat since I worked at the summer camp. It only took about an hour and half or two hours to wash, dry and fold all of the laundry. When I got home Mary and Maddox were still napping. I also noticed that my blues shirt had dirt on it. I guess when I was carrying it to the car to hang dry, it brushed against the car.

Mary had a Girl's movie night planned to go to that night. At least that is what she thought... The girls were planning a surprise baby shower for her! They had me in on it to make sure that she was there and to let them know when she was on her way. Before she left she told me that she was going to wear her pajamas because of how hot it was outside and since she wanted to be comfortable. There wasn't really a ways for me to get her to change... So after she left, I laughed! Mary asked to use her friend's washer to reclean my blues shirt.

Mary had fun and gave me a hard time for not making her change out of her pajamas...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sorry its been so long

I have been slightly busy since my last post (27FEB). I went on the 6-week TDY. I was training people to go on the deployment that I went on last year. I enjoyed what I was doing there and I got to make fun of pilots, it was great! This was my first time going to an Air Force Base that was strictly for guard personnel... It was a different breed of people. One of the Master Sgts insisted that I call him by his first name, but I couldn't do it. Towards the end of the TDY one of the LtCols came into my work area. As I was standing up to greet him, he sat on my desk and propped his feet up in an empty chair (so much for professionalism). He proceeded to ask me what he had to do to get me to stay there an extra month. I told him I wasn't 100% positive but to contact my squadron. My Commander wouldn't approve it because I had to go to ALS so that I could get promoted before I left to head to Korea.

I came back to VA. I know that Mary was happy to see me home, and I was happy to see her. I enjoyed what I was doing on my TDY because I had a lot of job satisfaction.

I made it through ALS and was promoted. I wasn't given any subordinates since Im about to leave. But I have had to council airmen and pick-up a little extra slack here and there. Also I was interviewed by the LA Times Magazine about my job (that was pretty cool).

Mary and I have been attending a birthing class in preparation for our second child. I missed all of the classes with our first child (since I was in Korea). I have learned a good amount of 'stuff' about babies. Did you know that a stork DOESN'T deliver the baby??? News to me!

We have the movers scheduled and are ready to get out of our house! We are ready to see what our baby boy is going to look like and ready to start the next chapter in our book of life.