Sunday, December 13, 2009

A day in the NEW life!

Well the days have changed and the life has as well. Im back home and back at work. Im working in an office now, Im in charge of the mission planners here (I know that doesn't sound very exciting). Anyways, its my job to field questions about our platforms and capabilities, write procedures out, and come up with great new ideas! Ive been in the office for 2 weeks so far, in that time I've answered questions for the New York Times, read through the continuity binder, signed up one of my guys to go TDY (Temporary Duty) for some training, worked on a letter to send 3 of my guys TDY, was picked to go on a TDY, was picked as the squadron Senior Airman of the year, and wrote numerous e-mails. I was also strong-armed into going to the Christmas Party (next weekend).

At home: Mary is working parttime and Maddox is loving having both of us home! Mary's students played at Barnes and Noble today. Maddox and I stayed home (lazy rainy Sunday). While Maddox took a nap, I built a fort for her to play in while I watched football. When she woke up she LOVED the fort! She sat it for about an hour without getting out, it was great. I finished picking up the leaves from the flood yesterday (another 3 bags worth). I also changed the spark plug on my lawnmower to try and get it to run again... no luck, I think Ill be getting a new one.

The property manager finally got someone out to replace the air ducts underneath the house (they were waterlogged from the flood and weren't attached to the vents anymore). We only heated the crawlspace for about a month! They also got someone to replace the drain on the sink in the mater bathroom (it was broken and we couldn't use it for about the same time frame).

The holidays are fast approaching, Im still trying to figure out my schedule and travel plans. AND right after the holidays is New Years! Mary planned a surprise vacation for us for New Years, I don't know anything about it except for the dates. I think its going to be great though!

Im glad to be home and will post again soon (maybe)!