Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night I was on the computer talking to Mary, then the lights flickered... The lights, then turned off, the power was out (which meant that the internet was out). So I was done talking to Mary, whether I liked it or not.

Then my roommate, Nick, came in the room and said the sky looked really cool. When I went to the bathroom I looked up and could see every single star! It was amazing. Then I heard the Muslim call to prayer. It was odd, everything was quiet except the call to prayer. Ive only heard the call to prayer a few times.

The power was still out, and before the room got too hot, I decided to try and go to sleep. I fell asleep then I heard the power turn back on.

Work has been going well recently, I don't remember my last day off, but today is pop and junk food day!!